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Al Yusr SME Current Account

A current account that businesses can really trust

As a thriving company, you want a current account that`s convenient and practical for your day-to-day banking. At the same time, you want to avoid compromising your Islamic values.

Al Yusr Current Account is not only fully Shari`a compliant and endorsed by leading scholars, but also provides you with all the transactional features that you need to operate your business accounts. You can access the account any time, as and when you want, cash withdrawals, deposits and cheque payments are all straightforward and you`re also able to transfer funds, make remittances and access other regular banking services. In short, it`s the current account you can really trust.

How does it work in practice?

Al Yusr Current Account is a non-profit bearing, transaction account, which is based on the Shari`a concept of "Qard". Al Yusr Current Accounts are designed to provide you the flexibility and convenience of day-to-day transactional accounts, with the assurance that your funds will only be used by the Bank in our Shari`a compliant business. We receive your deposit in the form of Qard for an unspecified period of time and we are bound to return it to you whenever you ask for it.

Features and benefits of Al Yusr Current Account

Who benefits from Al Yusr?
All resident / non-resident corporate and commercial companies including small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It`s a transaction account which caters for your everyday banking needs.

Is it fully Shari`a compliant?
Yes. All products offered by Al Yusr are reviewed and approved by the Bank`s Shari`a Supervisory Board

  • No minimum balance fee
  • No minimum opening balance
  • No restriction on the number of transactions
  • Available in Omani Rial and other major foreign currencies
  • Free quarterly statements
  • Omani Rial cheque books issued promptly
  • Cash withdrawals and deposits over the counter
  • Ability to set up standing instructions
  • Payment Order facility
  • Local and international remittances
  • Inward and outward clearing
  • Foreign currency cheque collection
No Minimum Balance Fee
No minimum balance fee will be deducted for Al Yusr Current Account

No overdraft is allowed for Al Yusr Current Account as this is not permitted in Shari`a

Please come and talk to us

If you have any queries, please visit our Islamic Banking branch located in Wattayya and speak to us in person.
In the meantime, you can call us on 247 54 654 for assistance by our Relationship Managers or